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you know those rare dreams that are especially memorable? i just had one today. it was CRAZY.

so my bro and i had a huge fight i don't know what it was but it was like a WAR. we attacked each other with GUNS. i had my favorite gun the colt and my bro had a shot gun. so i shot at him and i somehow got knocked into the pool and i was sooo helpless . he shot me more. BOOOM BOOOM BOOM!!! i tried to shoot but i was pretty helpless but i got a few shots out. so i lost.... and my cousin betty, found me and took me to clinic. and i asked if they took out bullets. i had 4 in my body. they said no and that i had to go to the hospital. so i didn't go to the hospital because i know that i couldn't afford it. the doctor at the clinic also told me that i could take the bullets out myself by cutting the wound open. and i freakedddd and i felt the bullets under my skin. THE END.
then i woke up feeling if i had the bullets still in. LOL WILD RIGHT?
i think i been playing wayyyyy too much CS.
yeah so i actually had a lot of sleep last night which i never get for a school night. i had like 9 hours of sleep so i guess my brain had enough time to dream.

my gun COLT
my bro SHOTGUN

back from the GRAVE


Today is MOON DAY or Mid-Autunm Festival to be exact. I really miss my grandmas moon cakes. She really makes the BEST EVER. No other store bought moon cake can ever compare. I haven't had them for maybe a few years. I think she just got lazy about making them? Oh wells, i hope that someday i can taste them again : ].

Fall semester has started and i have some chill ass classes. Today in theater arts we watched BONNIE AND CYDLE. I loved it. So Gangster. I only go to school 3 days a week! WOOT~! the reason for this is because i planned my schedule so i am more open for work. But sadly... I have yet to have a job. I been waiting for a call from TJ Max but none yet...

Last Monday i saw my aunt Guesh. I have'nt seen her for like 3 years! It was really nice to see her and I missed her a lot. She has been someone I have always looked up to. Guesh is really an amazing person. Shes so smart, loving, selfless, considerate, and so much more. I have always seen her as a role model. Not to mention she is fluent in 3 languages! Chinese, Spanish, and English.

This post needs some pretty moon cakes :3

Utada tree


Last tuesday i went to the Utada In The Flesh concert at the House of Blues here in LA. it was really amazing. i feel like i fulfilled my destiny in life. she is my most favorite singer ever. i been in love with her since i heard her song first love.
i got there at 6pm and waited outside in the cold for 2 hours. but waiting wasnt boring becauce i was talking to my brothers friends. then the concert started with a DJ spinning for about an hour. the crowd booed him which was really messed up. fianlly, when Utada came out i was soo starstuck and amazed i was actually there. it has always been a dream of mine to see her in concert. i always knew that she was really good at live singing but wow i was sooo blown away the entire concert. she was soo gorgeous and everything was soo perfect. she proformed for 2 hours with a 2 song encore. she even threw out autographed baseballs with bear drawings on them. now here are some pictures. i didnt take any because no one was suppose to but i found these online. keke : P

0.Opening (Also known as track #1 from Exodus)
1.On and on
2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)
4.This One (Crying like a child)
5.Passion / Sanctuary (Japanese vs. English mix, sung back and forth)
6.Sakura Drops (A capella with piano)
7.Stay Gold (also with piano)
8.Devil Inside
9.Kremlin Dusk
10.You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11. The Bitter End - Placebo cover
12.Apple and Cinnamon
13.Come Back To Me
14.First Love
15.Can You Keep A Secret?
17.Dirty Desire
18.Simple and Clean
19.Me Muero

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D (11:22:30 PM): hellloooo vanida ma bob
D(11:23:24 PM): how do you?
D(11:23:25 PM): lol
D (12:02:39 AM): LOL
D (12:02:42 AM): kentato??
V (12:06:16 AM): huh?
V (12:06:21 AM): what ar eu talking about
D (12:06:38 AM): oops
D (12:06:40 AM): wrong window
D (12:06:40 AM): ahahha
D (12:06:43 AM): whats up
V (12:08:41 AM): surfing oddee
V (12:08:41 AM): haha
V (12:08:43 AM): u?
D(12:10:03 AM): lollll
D(12:10:04 AM): nice
D (12:10:11 AM): surffing around livejournal for new icons
D (12:10:14 AM): and layouts
V (12:10:42 AM): ohh
V(12:10:44 AM): coool mannn
V (12:10:48 AM): what'd u do today
D (12:11:03 AM): uhh
D (12:11:04 AM): go to school
D (12:11:06 AM): class
D(12:11:11 AM): went to tap ex with chi
D(12:11:14 AM): and you?
V (12:11:35 AM): uhmm
V(12:11:37 AM): hung out with angela
D (12:11:52 AM): ah nice nice
D (12:11:54 AM): what did u 2 do
V (12:12:06 AM): uhmm ate
V (12:12:08 AM): went to get drinks
D (12:12:10 AM): at?
D(12:12:11 AM): where
V (12:12:14 AM): boiling point
D (12:12:15 AM): vague!
V (12:12:17 AM): and then half and half
D(12:12:21 AM): hahaha
D(12:12:21 AM): i see
D (12:12:22 AM): what time
V (12:12:28 AM): hahha why ar eu so specific!
V (12:12:30 AM): uhh
V(12:12:35 AM): she came to my hous eat like..
V (12:12:36 AM): twele
V (12:12:43 AM): left th ehoues at like
V (12:12:43 AM): 1
D (12:12:57 AM): lol cuz ur too damn vague
V (12:12:58 AM): uhh seh stoped by some dim sum place to say hi t oa friend
V(12:13:02 AM): i dono why, so pointless -_-
D (12:13:12 AM): cuz i want to know vanida
D (12:13:13 AM): : [
D (12:13:16 AM): its not pointless to me
V (12:13:20 AM): lol
D(12:13:22 AM): ur breakin my heart gurl
V(12:13:24 AM): nooo i mean
D (12:13:25 AM): : [[[[[[
V (12:13:26 AM): pointless fo rus
V (12:13:31 AM): to go say hi to someone and leave
V (12:13:40 AM): aand then we went to g oeat at boilin g point ta like
D (12:13:42 AM): OH
V (12:13:42 AM): 1 45
D (12:13:43 AM): lol
D (12:13:44 AM): :D
D (12:13:45 AM): <3
V(12:13:56 AM): lol
V (12:14:01 AM): so specific!
D (12:14:09 AM): hehe : 3
V (12:14:25 AM): dumdittydumm finals are comingg
V (12:14:26 AM): :-(
V(12:16:43 AM): for a while
V (12:16:43 AM): haha
D (12:16:52 AM): vanida
D(12:16:55 AM): guess what?!
V (12:16:58 AM): what
D (12:17:09 AM): I LOVE YOU <3
V (12:17:17 AM): i love you too! :-)
V (12:17:20 AM): lol why are you so happy today
D (12:17:23 AM): hahahha
D (12:17:26 AM): why not
D (12:17:27 AM): !
D (12:17:34 AM): alot of time u IM me when im busy yo
V (12:17:35 AM): cuzz you're usually not this happy o.o
D (12:17:47 AM): im trying to be more vanida
D (12:17:48 AM): ahahahhah
D (12:17:50 AM): jk
D (12:17:54 AM): maybe i am though : P
V (12:18:11 AM): wt flol
V (12:18:14 AM): OKAY MANN :-)
v (12:18:18 AM): coolskies!
D (12:18:53 AM): LOL
D (12:18:55 AM): : D YAY
V (12:19:26 AM): your happines sis kinda freaking m eout
D (12:19:36 AM): D: u are mean
D (12:19:37 AM): BOOOOO
D (12:20:00 AM): u are a PUT DOWN
D (12:20:04 AM): a PARTY POPPER
D (12:20:06 AM): A BITCH
D (12:20:08 AM): lol
Vt (12:22:47 AM): but iii ilovee eyouuu :-) lol
V (12:23:23 AM): LOL stupidd
V (12:23:38 AM): http://www.uphaa.com/blog/index.php/funny-courtroom-quotations/
D(12:23:39 AM): WHUT?!
V (12:23:40 AM): LOL
V (12:23:42 AM): this is funny
D (12:23:42 AM): its stupid i love you????
V(12:24:11 AM): -_- geez u sound like a girlfirend today
V (12:24:11 AM): lol
D (12:24:22 AM): lol
D (12:24:23 AM): yeah they are
D (12:24:26 AM): WHUT?
D (12:24:34 AM): freak stop putting me down
V (12:24:38 AM): LOL
D (12:24:39 AM): i'mnott
V (12:24:43 AM): intentionaly
D (12:24:43 AM): why cant u accept this?
V (12:24:45 AM): lol
V(12:24:47 AM): because it's frekay!
D (12:24:54 AM): sigh....
D (12:24:59 AM): this is a lost cause
V(12:25:00 AM): oBUT I LAVA YOUU
V (12:25:02 AM): lol
D (12:25:04 AM): LOL FUCK U
V (12:25:08 AM): hey!
V (12:25:10 AM): that snot very nice.
D (12:25:15 AM): LOLLL u are playing with me
V(12:25:22 AM): nuh uh
D (12:25:32 AM): lol. u dont even realize it
D(12:25:46 AM): everytime u say its odd i say ur mean then u say u love me and then i go back to loving u back
D (12:25:55 AM): and the vicious cycle just keeps repeating
D (12:25:58 AM): !!!!!

V (12:26:48 AM): LOL
V (12:26:52 AM): cuz i dooooo!
V (12:26:52 AM): :-)
D (12:28:30 AM): PUHAHAHAH
De (12:28:40 AM): vanida u are soo unintentionally hillarious today
V (12:28:45 AM): dude
V(12:28:45 AM): wtf
V (12:28:47 AM): ar eu high today
V (12:28:48 AM): o rsomething
V (12:28:50 AM): are u okay?
V (12:29:13 AM): dudee
V (12:29:18 AM): wth is rwong with u
V (12:29:20 AM): o.O
D (12:29:30 AM): LOLLL this is too great i needa share this with tawny
V (12:30:00 AM): ..
V (12:30:02 AM): u do that..
V (12:30:03 AM): o.o
D (12:30:25 AM): hahah i wish she were online
D(12:30:27 AM): shes studying
V (12:31:30 AM): lol
V (12:31:30 AM): lol
V (12:34:13 AM): ANYWAYS
V (12:34:15 AM): freak.
D (12:38:50 AM): lol

MAN that took LONG to edit.
gingerbread man

Thanksgiving 2009

as of now i have not slept in more than 2 days. i woke up around 12pm thanksgiving day. i had dinner with my family in MPK. after that at 12am i went to the cabazon outlet. wow its insane there. getting off the freeway and to parking too about an hour. we couldnt even park at the outlet we had to part at morongo and walk our way to the outet. so we started shopping at 2am to 9am. soo many stores had long ass lines to get into the store and long lines to pay. the discounts were okay. some stores had really good discounts like puma 50 percent off everything. but most stores were like 30 off everything. so was it worth it? not really because theyre are too many freaking people. the lines make you not want to shop at all. the most unbelievable stores were gucci, dior, and couch. they had such long lines that it curves around the whole place. people are insane man. i wont line up for an hour to get into a store and another to pay. i got a nike long sleeve shirt with a hoodie for $17 and boots from easy spirit for $30. i was reluctant to get the shirt cuz i thought it was still a bit expensive but i like it a lot lol. as for the boots i dont love them but the price made me like em a lot and they are pretty nice : ] so i spent $50 while my mom didnt spend a penny. shocking. i was tired at the outlet but now i feel pretty normal. after the outlet we went to frys because peter that spoiled freaking kid was unsatisfied because he felt he didnt buy enough at the outlet. so out of frustration he went to frys and got himself an itouch for $300 and a mouse. really sometimes i wanna slap him for spending money like its his. he doesnt work and spends all his parents hard eared money like it deserves it. fuck. but after that we went to eat pho and i came home at 12:30 pm. i took a a 4 hour nap and woke to use the computer for a bit and then was called out to have dinner at shen's friends house. now, here i am : ]
oh yeah and i bought myself a camera for black friday :D WOOOOOOTTTT
most eventful thanksgiving ever
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Epik High till the DEATH


here are some of my posters :D
i wish i could put up more but i don't have anymore wall and i cant invade my moms side : 3

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i call i call it chocolate love~

pretty huh? makes me want a cup of hot coffee :D

the other day i went to the outlet with chi and vanida. on the freeway chi waved to the cop on a motorcycle next to us -_- he claimed the cop was starring at vanida's boobs lol idiot. we scolded him while the cop followed us while looking for a reason to give us a ticket. that trouble maker.

pew pew pew!

gingerbread man


Behold... My Future
  I will marry TOP.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in switzerland in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 2 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a green lotus.
  I will spend my days as a barista, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future