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17 November 2010 @ 06:53 pm
you know those rare dreams that are especially memorable? i just had one today. it was CRAZY.

so my bro and i had a huge fight i don't know what it was but it was like a WAR. we attacked each other with GUNS. i had my favorite gun the colt and my bro had a shot gun. so i shot at him and i somehow got knocked into the pool and i was sooo helpless . he shot me more. BOOOM BOOOM BOOM!!! i tried to shoot but i was pretty helpless but i got a few shots out. so i lost.... and my cousin betty, found me and took me to clinic. and i asked if they took out bullets. i had 4 in my body. they said no and that i had to go to the hospital. so i didn't go to the hospital because i know that i couldn't afford it. the doctor at the clinic also told me that i could take the bullets out myself by cutting the wound open. and i freakedddd and i felt the bullets under my skin. THE END.
then i woke up feeling if i had the bullets still in. LOL WILD RIGHT?
i think i been playing wayyyyy too much CS.
yeah so i actually had a lot of sleep last night which i never get for a school night. i had like 9 hours of sleep so i guess my brain had enough time to dream.

my gun COLT
my bro SHOTGUN