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22 September 2010 @ 10:15 pm
back from the GRAVE  

Today is MOON DAY or Mid-Autunm Festival to be exact. I really miss my grandmas moon cakes. She really makes the BEST EVER. No other store bought moon cake can ever compare. I haven't had them for maybe a few years. I think she just got lazy about making them? Oh wells, i hope that someday i can taste them again : ].

Fall semester has started and i have some chill ass classes. Today in theater arts we watched BONNIE AND CYDLE. I loved it. So Gangster. I only go to school 3 days a week! WOOT~! the reason for this is because i planned my schedule so i am more open for work. But sadly... I have yet to have a job. I been waiting for a call from TJ Max but none yet...

Last Monday i saw my aunt Guesh. I have'nt seen her for like 3 years! It was really nice to see her and I missed her a lot. She has been someone I have always looked up to. Guesh is really an amazing person. Shes so smart, loving, selfless, considerate, and so much more. I have always seen her as a role model. Not to mention she is fluent in 3 languages! Chinese, Spanish, and English.

This post needs some pretty moon cakes :3