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22 January 2010 @ 09:54 pm
Last tuesday i went to the Utada In The Flesh concert at the House of Blues here in LA. it was really amazing. i feel like i fulfilled my destiny in life. she is my most favorite singer ever. i been in love with her since i heard her song first love.
i got there at 6pm and waited outside in the cold for 2 hours. but waiting wasnt boring becauce i was talking to my brothers friends. then the concert started with a DJ spinning for about an hour. the crowd booed him which was really messed up. fianlly, when Utada came out i was soo starstuck and amazed i was actually there. it has always been a dream of mine to see her in concert. i always knew that she was really good at live singing but wow i was sooo blown away the entire concert. she was soo gorgeous and everything was soo perfect. she proformed for 2 hours with a 2 song encore. she even threw out autographed baseballs with bear drawings on them. now here are some pictures. i didnt take any because no one was suppose to but i found these online. keke : P

0.Opening (Also known as track #1 from Exodus)
1.On and on
2.Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (FYI)
4.This One (Crying like a child)
5.Passion / Sanctuary (Japanese vs. English mix, sung back and forth)
6.Sakura Drops (A capella with piano)
7.Stay Gold (also with piano)
8.Devil Inside
9.Kremlin Dusk
10.You Make Me Want to Be a Man
11. The Bitter End - Placebo cover
12.Apple and Cinnamon
13.Come Back To Me
14.First Love
15.Can You Keep A Secret?
17.Dirty Desire
18.Simple and Clean
19.Me Muero

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