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05 December 2009 @ 12:39 am
D (11:22:30 PM): hellloooo vanida ma bob
D(11:23:24 PM): how do you?
D(11:23:25 PM): lol
D (12:02:39 AM): LOL
D (12:02:42 AM): kentato??
V (12:06:16 AM): huh?
V (12:06:21 AM): what ar eu talking about
D (12:06:38 AM): oops
D (12:06:40 AM): wrong window
D (12:06:40 AM): ahahha
D (12:06:43 AM): whats up
V (12:08:41 AM): surfing oddee
V (12:08:41 AM): haha
V (12:08:43 AM): u?
D(12:10:03 AM): lollll
D(12:10:04 AM): nice
D (12:10:11 AM): surffing around livejournal for new icons
D (12:10:14 AM): and layouts
V (12:10:42 AM): ohh
V(12:10:44 AM): coool mannn
V (12:10:48 AM): what'd u do today
D (12:11:03 AM): uhh
D (12:11:04 AM): go to school
D (12:11:06 AM): class
D(12:11:11 AM): went to tap ex with chi
D(12:11:14 AM): and you?
V (12:11:35 AM): uhmm
V(12:11:37 AM): hung out with angela
D (12:11:52 AM): ah nice nice
D (12:11:54 AM): what did u 2 do
V (12:12:06 AM): uhmm ate
V (12:12:08 AM): went to get drinks
D (12:12:10 AM): at?
D(12:12:11 AM): where
V (12:12:14 AM): boiling point
D (12:12:15 AM): vague!
V (12:12:17 AM): and then half and half
D(12:12:21 AM): hahaha
D(12:12:21 AM): i see
D (12:12:22 AM): what time
V (12:12:28 AM): hahha why ar eu so specific!
V (12:12:30 AM): uhh
V(12:12:35 AM): she came to my hous eat like..
V (12:12:36 AM): twele
V (12:12:43 AM): left th ehoues at like
V (12:12:43 AM): 1
D (12:12:57 AM): lol cuz ur too damn vague
V (12:12:58 AM): uhh seh stoped by some dim sum place to say hi t oa friend
V(12:13:02 AM): i dono why, so pointless -_-
D (12:13:12 AM): cuz i want to know vanida
D (12:13:13 AM): : [
D (12:13:16 AM): its not pointless to me
V (12:13:20 AM): lol
D(12:13:22 AM): ur breakin my heart gurl
V(12:13:24 AM): nooo i mean
D (12:13:25 AM): : [[[[[[
V (12:13:26 AM): pointless fo rus
V (12:13:31 AM): to go say hi to someone and leave
V (12:13:40 AM): aand then we went to g oeat at boilin g point ta like
D (12:13:42 AM): OH
V (12:13:42 AM): 1 45
D (12:13:43 AM): lol
D (12:13:44 AM): :D
D (12:13:45 AM): <3
V(12:13:56 AM): lol
V (12:14:01 AM): so specific!
D (12:14:09 AM): hehe : 3
V (12:14:25 AM): dumdittydumm finals are comingg
V (12:14:26 AM): :-(
V(12:16:43 AM): for a while
V (12:16:43 AM): haha
D (12:16:52 AM): vanida
D(12:16:55 AM): guess what?!
V (12:16:58 AM): what
D (12:17:09 AM): I LOVE YOU <3
V (12:17:17 AM): i love you too! :-)
V (12:17:20 AM): lol why are you so happy today
D (12:17:23 AM): hahahha
D (12:17:26 AM): why not
D (12:17:27 AM): !
D (12:17:34 AM): alot of time u IM me when im busy yo
V (12:17:35 AM): cuzz you're usually not this happy o.o
D (12:17:47 AM): im trying to be more vanida
D (12:17:48 AM): ahahahhah
D (12:17:50 AM): jk
D (12:17:54 AM): maybe i am though : P
V (12:18:11 AM): wt flol
V (12:18:14 AM): OKAY MANN :-)
v (12:18:18 AM): coolskies!
D (12:18:53 AM): LOL
D (12:18:55 AM): : D YAY
V (12:19:26 AM): your happines sis kinda freaking m eout
D (12:19:36 AM): D: u are mean
D (12:19:37 AM): BOOOOO
D (12:20:00 AM): u are a PUT DOWN
D (12:20:04 AM): a PARTY POPPER
D (12:20:06 AM): A BITCH
D (12:20:08 AM): lol
Vt (12:22:47 AM): but iii ilovee eyouuu :-) lol
V (12:23:23 AM): LOL stupidd
V (12:23:38 AM): http://www.uphaa.com/blog/index.php/funny-courtroom-quotations/
D(12:23:39 AM): WHUT?!
V (12:23:40 AM): LOL
V (12:23:42 AM): this is funny
D (12:23:42 AM): its stupid i love you????
V(12:24:11 AM): -_- geez u sound like a girlfirend today
V (12:24:11 AM): lol
D (12:24:22 AM): lol
D (12:24:23 AM): yeah they are
D (12:24:26 AM): WHUT?
D (12:24:34 AM): freak stop putting me down
V (12:24:38 AM): LOL
D (12:24:39 AM): i'mnott
V (12:24:43 AM): intentionaly
D (12:24:43 AM): why cant u accept this?
V (12:24:45 AM): lol
V(12:24:47 AM): because it's frekay!
D (12:24:54 AM): sigh....
D (12:24:59 AM): this is a lost cause
V(12:25:00 AM): oBUT I LAVA YOUU
V (12:25:02 AM): lol
D (12:25:04 AM): LOL FUCK U
V (12:25:08 AM): hey!
V (12:25:10 AM): that snot very nice.
D (12:25:15 AM): LOLLL u are playing with me
V(12:25:22 AM): nuh uh
D (12:25:32 AM): lol. u dont even realize it
D(12:25:46 AM): everytime u say its odd i say ur mean then u say u love me and then i go back to loving u back
D (12:25:55 AM): and the vicious cycle just keeps repeating
D (12:25:58 AM): !!!!!

V (12:26:48 AM): LOL
V (12:26:52 AM): cuz i dooooo!
V (12:26:52 AM): :-)
D (12:28:30 AM): PUHAHAHAH
De (12:28:40 AM): vanida u are soo unintentionally hillarious today
V (12:28:45 AM): dude
V(12:28:45 AM): wtf
V (12:28:47 AM): ar eu high today
V (12:28:48 AM): o rsomething
V (12:28:50 AM): are u okay?
V (12:29:13 AM): dudee
V (12:29:18 AM): wth is rwong with u
V (12:29:20 AM): o.O
D (12:29:30 AM): LOLLL this is too great i needa share this with tawny
V (12:30:00 AM): ..
V (12:30:02 AM): u do that..
V (12:30:03 AM): o.o
D (12:30:25 AM): hahah i wish she were online
D(12:30:27 AM): shes studying
V (12:31:30 AM): lol
V (12:31:30 AM): lol
V (12:34:13 AM): ANYWAYS
V (12:34:15 AM): freak.
D (12:38:50 AM): lol

MAN that took LONG to edit.
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sehfeijai on December 14th, 2009 12:44 am (UTC)
CHANGE ur background again? oooh...COOOL!!!!