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28 November 2009 @ 12:27 am
Thanksgiving 2009  
as of now i have not slept in more than 2 days. i woke up around 12pm thanksgiving day. i had dinner with my family in MPK. after that at 12am i went to the cabazon outlet. wow its insane there. getting off the freeway and to parking too about an hour. we couldnt even park at the outlet we had to part at morongo and walk our way to the outet. so we started shopping at 2am to 9am. soo many stores had long ass lines to get into the store and long lines to pay. the discounts were okay. some stores had really good discounts like puma 50 percent off everything. but most stores were like 30 off everything. so was it worth it? not really because theyre are too many freaking people. the lines make you not want to shop at all. the most unbelievable stores were gucci, dior, and couch. they had such long lines that it curves around the whole place. people are insane man. i wont line up for an hour to get into a store and another to pay. i got a nike long sleeve shirt with a hoodie for $17 and boots from easy spirit for $30. i was reluctant to get the shirt cuz i thought it was still a bit expensive but i like it a lot lol. as for the boots i dont love them but the price made me like em a lot and they are pretty nice : ] so i spent $50 while my mom didnt spend a penny. shocking. i was tired at the outlet but now i feel pretty normal. after the outlet we went to frys because peter that spoiled freaking kid was unsatisfied because he felt he didnt buy enough at the outlet. so out of frustration he went to frys and got himself an itouch for $300 and a mouse. really sometimes i wanna slap him for spending money like its his. he doesnt work and spends all his parents hard eared money like it deserves it. fuck. but after that we went to eat pho and i came home at 12:30 pm. i took a a 4 hour nap and woke to use the computer for a bit and then was called out to have dinner at shen's friends house. now, here i am : ]
oh yeah and i bought myself a camera for black friday :D WOOOOOOTTTT
most eventful thanksgiving ever
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